MusicScene International

The impact of Covid will be measured for decades, but the loss of local live music is undeniable and cannot be sustained. Music must be recognized and supported as a vital expression of humanity that can carry us through crisis and upheaval.

MusicScene International is helping musicians, venues, and local music communities recover by working with local governments to open venues safely and to promote and monetize live streaming.

Live Nation and other big players are currently making massive investments into outfitting hundreds of live music venues with streaming technology in order to keep the revenue flowing even when the audience is locked out. Local venues need a platform to help level the playing field.
Grants from $100-$1000 for impacted artists, venues!
MusicScene is preparing grants from $100-$1000 for impacted artists, venues, and other music related small businesses. We are currently soliciting capital from impact investors to cover the costs of onboarding, producing promotional materials, and streaming live performances.

We imagine a music business cooperative, where the members have ownership, voting rights, and receive dividends that favor underserved communities and individuals. MusicScene International believes that building a global cooperative for live music will help local venues, gigging musicians, and the communities they serve recover from the pandemic and serve as a model for a future that supports local creative economies.

‍It's time for live music to heal the world as we reinvent t future together

We are now scheduling a multi-city tour of the midwest for the fall of 2021 and we're especially interested in working with venues, studios, and museums in the following music cities:

New Orleans
St. Louis

Scroll down to see examples of the compelling interactive 3D Tours we are creating to promote venue spaces. These tours support VR integration, embedded story telling, and can even enable a future of live virtual events from your venue. If you are interested in having a conversation about possible participation in the MusicScene Business Cooperative, please fill out the following form, tell us a little about yourself and your local MusicScene!