Promote Your Local Music Scene

MusicScene is creating live holographic media for the metaverse, promoting venues, musicians and events in music cities, featuring live streams and archived performances, while building a global directory of local music venues, artists, producers, and retailers, for the fans that support them.

- Put your space on an interactive historical timeline, with immersive tours of your venue highlighted on 3D metro area maps. Feature live and archived VR ready performances and broadcast holographic live streams to and from other venues on your stages, amplifying your impact and revenue! Be the first to host venue in your city to host remote collaborations in the Metaverse! Use our tools to manage all aspects of your business, event and room calendars, fan outreach and insights, talent database and cooperation with remote venues.

Musicians - Tell stories, have conversations, share your music with a global audience, connect with fans from around the world in live VR sessions! Manage your calendar and fanbase in one place!

Fans - Discover local music scenes in cities on the other side of the globe. Follow your favorite bands on live tours overseas! Share in local shows, support your local venues, and virtually visit with friends, if/when you are unable to leave the house.
MusicScene is committed to supporting impacted artists, venues, and other music related small businesses and the communities they serve. Please let us know how we can serve you!