Local Music for Global Impact

MusicScene promotes local music with stories and conversations featuring local musicians and venues as vital contributing members of local communities.

Now developing XR experiences for music, events, and education.
For more information email: info@musicscene.com
KEXP uses our 3D tours to promote their Gathering Space in Seattle's Lower Queen Anne neighborhood. KEXP provides regular music programming featuring the power of music in community wellness and healing.
The Royal Room features an eclectic mix of local music, especially Jazz but a wide variety of local music can be found here just about every day of the week!
Robert Lang Studios is an iconic recording studio in the North end of Seattle and has produced multiple gold and platinum records.
MusicScene has something for everyone. Lets work together to create a music discovery resource we can all participate in that supports our local music scenes and the communities they serve.

- Highlight your space, preserve and share your community history, engage with musicians and fans.

Musicians - Tell your stories, have conversations, share your music with a global audience, connect with fans from around the world in live VR sessions!

Fans - Discover local music scenes in cities on the other side of the globe. Follow your favorite bands on tour! Access local sold out shows, support local venues and musicians.
MusicScene is committed to supporting artists, venues, and the communities they serve. We believe music has the power to heal and unite the world. Lets build our future in music together.