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Ice In Stone - Real Audio 56kbs Stereo

Ice In Stone - Real Audio 28.8kbs Stereo

Prometheus Scatters Ashes - audio AIFF 681k

Red Sands of Mars - audio WAV 656k

Train to Paris - audio WAV 688k

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Inner Self . . .

Sometimes I am deeply sad for us all . . . for our planet, which certainly comes across in the music of Verborgen! I also feel great optimism, that hopefully shines through the dense imagery I paint with our lyrics, when I sing.

There is little compromise for me. I must look beyond the earth and stars. I must call upon the mysteries behind the human psyche. I have asked to become another catalyst for truth.

With grace, it will be so.



Xyra & Verborgen

Precious Secrets Imparted in Stealth... Subconscious, Creative Elements Revealed and Untied...

Translated from the German, V e r b o r g e n means:

  • Hidden from the conscious mind, bestowed subliminally
  • To thrive in preparation, hidden away -- not yet known
  • Many beautiful, feminine elements and great talents flourish in obscurity
  • To blossom in places hard to find (flowers in deep woods)
  • God sees into the far reaches of the soul!

Approximate Genre: N e w M i l l e n n i u m –
A l t e r n a t i v e W o r l d -- M e s s a g e M u s i c


What Industry and Media Have to Say About Xyra & Verborgen . . .

"Xyra & Verborgen's riveting musicianship and message redefine the term Alternative. They are trend-setters, portending an exciting, auspicious new genre!"
Marco Delmar, Recording Arts Studio - Formerly lead guitarist, singer and songwriter for Capitol artists, The Elektics

"Spiritual . . . Emotional . . . Visionary"

Richard Fuller, WETA FM, Washington, DC

"Verborgen denotes a kind of Cabaret for the New Millennium"
Robert Goldstein, National Public Radio; The Urban Verbs

"Deeply intriguing and intellectually stimulating -- wonderful voice!"
George Campbell, George Campbell Associates
"Xyra & Verborgen resonate a genre for the New Millennium -- cello, piano, Spanish guitar, exotic percussion, six-string bass, and multi-winds lavishly loom behind the poetic prowess of a beautiful Diva! Let Xyra & Verborgen cast a spell on YOU!"
The Philadelphia Music Conference -- Description of Showcasing Bands

"Xyra's velvety, powerful resonance captivates, amazes, soothes and confronts"
Paul Chiacchierini, OMEGA Studios, Rockville, MD

"Fairport (Convention) meets Edith Piaff In a dark alley and gets mugged by Nico"
Lee Michael Demsey, Smithsonian Folkways, WAMU FM, Washington, DC


Xyra earns a Gnostic award for excellenceThe Gnostic Web Award is given few. Gnosis means first hand perception of truth - the sincere quest for the Christ (or Truth) within, AKA Cosmic Consciousness. (In the words of the master, "Seek first, the Kingdom and all else will be added unto you . . . The Kingdom is Within You.") We are honored and humbled, having received this award. Blessed be the Seekers, for they shall find Holy Peace in the Sublime.

From the summer of 1997, Xyra & Verborgen have enjoyed major air play on National Public Radio - WETA FM, Washington DC, and Voice of America's World Net Satellite Television.

Xyra & Verborgen played last year's Philadelphia Music Conference and register to play the great South by Southwest Music Conference, in Austin TX, this year.

Xyra & Verborgen's new CD - Where Glass Birds Fly was mixed and engineered at Recording Arts Studio in Falls Church, VA by Marco Delmar, and CO-produced by Robert Goldstein and Marco Delmar. Tracks 7, 8, and 9 were recorded at National Public Radio Studios, Washington, DC by Terry Knight. The album was mastered by Bill Wolf, formerly of The Fugs, YES, The Fugs!!!

Where Glass Birds Fly, CD release - July 25 1998, Tower Records - Fairfax, VA - a suburb of Washington DC. The band plan a 60th Birthday Celebration/Tribute for Nico at DC's Black Cat, October 16 - celebrity guest performers may be included. Performances in DC, Boston, London, and assorted European cities should take place in late 1998 through '99. (Details TBA.)

A photo of Xyra, The Glass Princess


A Secret Treasure . . .

The Glass Princess . . . Fragile and Transparent . . . Where Glass Birds Fly . . .

I reentered this world by way of Munich, Germany (und mein mater). This was on the winter solstice, during the full moon, at dawn . . . (which may mean absolutely nothing to you).

By age 18, I opted to become an American citizen.

My background (besides music and fine art) is primarily journalism, including broadcasting and photography.

The concept of Verborgen came to me as a dream.

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