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Meet the new and improved Sister Psychic with 42% more horsepower and 88% better songs. SP has an advanced supercharged rhythm section with Pat Pederson on bas (ex-Skin Yard) and John Fleischman on drums (ex-Squirrels). Catch And Release promises to be SP's best effort to date. Masterfully produced by Zack Lansdowne, the new disc contains eleven of the best pop songs ever to capture the art of imperfection and a bonus track that is out of this world! Catch & Release is an explosion in the time-space continuum of pop culture and a true gift for the end of the 20th century and beyond. Shazam!

Sister Psychic, are back and they're proud. They've got a new CD, a delectable pop masterwork, "Catch and Release," out on Y Records, and their live shows are stronger than ever. "A lot of people need to listen to this record and know we're ready to go fishing... in an ecologically sound manner, of course," he says.

"Catch and Release," shows the depth of Andy's songwriting talents and the breadth of Sister Psychic's musical skills. "Japan" is the most beautiful song ever written about sacrifice, bar none. "Garden Where the Flowers Grow," spins out love left in limbo. Overwrought mainstream hype ge s some justly deserved disses in, "Hollywood." "If I Were God (I'd talk to you)" is a song that truly understands shyness. From beginning to end, "Catch and Release" is loaded with hooks, insightful lyrices~ solid performances and grade A production.

"Catch" is Andy's first record since the highly acclaimLed, "Surrender, You Freak." Lately, Andy's been writing songs and planning how he wanted them to sound. Recorded with Zack Lansdowne at Electric Eel, Andy's new release is his best by far. Lansdowne uses banjos, alarm clocks and everything else to get just the right sound for each song. Andy describes Lansdowne as a naturally-gifted, production genius, with great ears for music and irreplaceably good taste. "You can buy Bad Animals, but you can't buy good taste," Andy says.

Andy drummed in Pure Joy and Gnome before fronting Sister Psychic, which he started to perform songs previously written and kept to himself. In those days, Screaming Trees lived across the street from his Green Lake home and, though he was a big fan of the Trees and Lanegan solo, he was too shy to go over and say hello. Nowadays, Tree drummer Barrett Martin fills in with Sister Psychic when John Fleischmann, the Psychic's regular stickman, has conflicts.

Melodic bands were hard to find back then. "We were the first band," of his grunge-ruled generation of Seattle bands, he says, "to say 'fuck you' we're a pop band," and not give in to trendy conforrmists screaming for slowcords. Committed to writing solid pop, he stuck to his instincts.

"The point," at that time, says Andy, "was to pack out shows and lave a good time. We were rocking out for free beer, a few bucks and a little credibility."

Andy's reputation as a mind-blowing songwriter was instantly established by "Fuel," the Psychic's first album. This legendary CD contains not only "Hang Time," an ongoing fan favorite, but also the track from which Sister Psychic gets their name. Andy didn't want a simple band moniker, "I wanted something creepy, Alice Cooper-y," he says. When Andy was a kid, he believed his sister was really psychic.

"Surrender," took it even further. With a catchy remake of the Green Pajamas song, "Kim the Waitress," and Sister Psychic original, "Velvet Fog," "Surrender" material mesmerizes audiences. And that is just the beginning. "Catch and Release," will establish the Psychic's as a premier, national pop band.

In addition to drummer Fleischmann, the Psychic's include bassist Pat Pederson, formerly of Skin Yard and Uncle Dirt Nap. The two were referred to Andy by famed producer Jack Endino. A tight and professional trio they rock out "Catch and Release" material with ease.

Andy is also happy with Y Records, his new label. A Seattle outfit with a feeling for the subtleties of playing music there, the four principals at Y have been friends and fans of Andy for years. "Being in Y Records is like being in a really fun bowling club," says Andy.

Y, and Zack Lansdowne, have allowed Andy to follow his song building instincts. "I'm into the sonically fucked up feel," he says, "the art of imperfection. That's how this record is different."

"Catch and Release," out on Y Records, and their live shows are stronger than ever. "A lot of people need to listen to this record and know we're ready to go."

Get Sister Psychic only from Y Records at Po Box 20241, Seattle, WA 98102

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