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If it can be reformed, reform it. If it cannot be reformed, destroy it.

Here's what you'll be able to find on this site:

The fifteen-odd CDs I've recorded (Yet another lame attempt to get you to part with your money).

The LettersThe Letters (A Baedeker guide for misanthropes)

And, as always: Sunshine blown up your ass.

Bondi takes over the net. Yeah, this isn't the only place to find out about me. While unofficial sites abound, I actually like these two: Trouser Press and of course, my home at Bitzcore.

It's version two. That's right: after a year of negligence, I've finally updated this page. What does that mean? For starters, all the grandiose features I planned but never had time to develop are gone. So the page is totally stripped back. No word association games, no multimedia features. If you're interested in that crap, my bread and butter--the creativity I put in service to Bill Gates for a handful of stock options and whatever conscience I have left--go buy Encarta '98.

This new page is about text, because, after working in multimedia for two years, I have a new appreciation for anyone who reads. After all, it's a fairly useless habit, especially for the young and ambitious, busy renting Anthony Powers videotapes in hopes they too will find some rationale for preying on their fellow humans, making a shitload of cash, and calling it a virtue. Reading and reflection died with the welfare state. Power is not lexical; it's almost non-verbal. It always has been.

Well, I'm sounding bitter. I don't mean to be. It's just that I'm getting on, and just a little bit testy about a society busy overthrowing 500 years of Enlightenment in the rush to embrace the new world order. But who gives a damn about democracy when you've got credit cards? I'm sure Disney is preparing some new animated feature about the hollowness of our lives. I can hardly wait.

In the meantime, this page will do for another year what it has already done: act as a conduit for friends and associates, for the like-minded and disgruntled. You know who you are. Drop me a line.

The rest of you know where you can go.


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