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Welcome. You have arrived. Make yourselves comfortable and BOOKMARK THIS PAGE! Hopefully you will receive all possible knowledge you could ever want about Seattle's musical ensemble Bell. If you're a big fan there are tasty treats for you. If you've never heard nor seen Bell you'll be given the opportunity. If'n you're some industry big cheese then you'll be shuffled off to the VIP lounge - our A&R link. At any rate, we want to give you the up close and personal inside scoop. We have plans. Big plans. Keep coming back for new surprises, fast breaking news, fresh pictures and sounds.

April News - "Perfect Math" EP in the stores!
Bell burns up the road on US Tour
"Already There" makes major moves on CMJ charts!

The new EP with master nob-twister, Jack Endino is out now and waiting in a rack near you. Check out Vanessa's take on the recording sessions in this months Journal.

Bell is out on the road and headed to a town near you. check out their schedule On Tour now!

Bell's single "Already There " is making major moves on the CMJ charts with the 13th highest "adds" in the nation for the first week of April. Now you can hear Bell on the radio on major stations like KCRW in Santa Monica, CA, KVRX in Austin, TX, WQFS in Greensboro, NC and 42 others! Let rock fill the airwaves!

Live Room Recording in the bins

The KCMU LIVE ROOM show that aired in November of Vanessa playing solo is out courtesy of SONIC BOOM RECORDS. You'll find many favorites performed solo acoustic as well as some ones you don't know.

"Already There" is in stores now and selling fast!

Already There 7" coverAlready diverse in stylistic output, the band has spent the last year experimenting and exploring new territory. Aided by new bass player Susan Larsen's clear, high vocals and Bell stalwarts Damon Romero and Andy Miller, Veselka has created new music that pushes the boundaries of Bell's sound while emphasizing the band's core strengths. The current 7-inch, Already There/Overwhelming serves as a sample of Bell's new material and as a vinyl precursor to the upcoming March release of a new Bell EP.

Released Nov. 8, the single was added in heavy rotation on Seattle's KCMU with other stations following. Already There/Overwhelming (7") is available through the K catalog and from NAlL distribution. Hear it in blistering Real Audio right now in the Jukebox to the right of this page. A Clear Sense of Beauty is also available through NAIL.


Already There Real Audio 28.8Kbs

Already There Real Audio 56Kbs

Baby Machine audio AIFF (716k)

Attempted Pop Song #1 audio WAV (720k)

Loose and Unsubdued audio AIFF (696k)

Uopn Greater Reflection audio WAV (744k)

Antisocial Love Ballad #3 audio AIFF (764k)

Transit audio WAV (728k)

Yeah, Yeah, I Know audio WAV (320k)

Dumb it Down audio AIFF (844k)

When audio AIFF (700k)

Texas Highway audio WAV (680k)

Drained audio AIFF (660k)

Pretty, Pretty Sugar King audio WAV (704k)